Speech Language Pathologist, CCC

Rachel Graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with her BA in Psychology in 2017 and then got her Master's in Communication Science and Disorders in 2020.

Rachel joined the Speech Solutions team in 2020 ready to bring fresh new ideas. She is always ready to continue learning to expand upon her schooling and give her patients the best experience possible.

Currently, her favorite therapy programs and toys are pecs, Daniel Tiger online games, memory, and puzzles.

In her free time, she enjoys play tennis, going to the driving range and watching "The Office". She has two cats and two dogs and if you see her on online she would love it if you shared your pets with her.

One day, she wants to go on a food tour around Asia and/or Europe to try all the different street food and comfort foods from all the different countries.

She loves it when patients and their families are open to learning and genuinely interested in what they are doing in therapy.


  • Occupation: Speech Language Pathologist

Education and School

  • Education:
    • Bachelors in Psychology
    • Master’s in Communication Science and Disorders
  • School:
    • University of Hawaii at Manoa
    • Korea University
    • University of California- Irvine
  • Major:
    • Bachelor’s of Arts: Psychology
    • Master’s of Science: Communications Sciences and Disorders

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