In 2011, Bubba won the hearts of a particular 2, landing him a comfortable spot on the couch for life. While young, he is an active participant in training and has taken a particular fondness towards lounging, evening strolls, and working for a mystery treat.

He is currently in training as part of the staff as a full time therapy dog. He absolutely adores children and lives for their affection. In the meantime, if he could learn how to send the occasional fax that would be great. He does enjoy the coveted card-board box if given the opportunity launching him as the fastest paper shredder our office has seen, beating his mechanical competition in time and duration.

Bubba is a busy guy with all his training and paper shredding duties, but he is available upon request.


  • Hometown: Honolulu, HI
  • Professional Groups: AKC

Education and School

  • Education: Ongoing-always
  • Specialized Training: Will bow for a treat.
  • Major: Napping in between clients
  • Minor: Food enthusiast extraordinaire
  • Multi-lingual in English and Gaelic. Understands most bribes in terms of food and affection.

New Patient Special Offer:  Free Screening

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