05 Jun 2015

BY: trini

Education / Inspiration

Playtime! But why? I’m so exhausted!!!!

by Carolinda “Trini” Myers-Murphy, MS CCC-SLP, COM

We all have fond childhood memories of playing. Playing through the recent years however has changed. For example, have you been to a child’s birthday party recently? Where once upon a yester-year we had “pin-tail-on-donkey”, “bobbing for apples”, and piñata wars; they’ve been replaced by kids comparing apps and challenging each other to a multitude of video games. Socialization looks like social media to some.  And then we have to rush to the next soccer practice, or adult driven get together.

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28 Dec 2013

BY: trini

Blogs / Speech Therapy

Social Thinking

Our students & parents hear us frequently talk about the importance of social thinking, social groups, and social skills. This article from the Social Thinking blog is a great explanation of why we see this as critical to the growth of our students. Speech therapy is not just about our students talking, it is about seeing them have rich, full lives in every respect.

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