18 Jul 2016

BY: trini


Healthy Snacking Made Easy

by Misti Bushmire

“Mom…  I’m hungry!” If only I had a dime for every time I’ve heard these words…  I’m sure that you feel the same!  It didn’t help that it seemed that I heard this when I was also at low ebb and my creativity and energy were low.  My saving grace ended up being a list on the front of the fridge (or the inside of a cabinet door depending on where we lived at the time) that I could look at for ideas and planning ahead.

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12 Apr 2016

BY: trini

Orofacial Myology / Speech Therapy

Orofacial Myology FAQ’s

We get asked questions about Orofacial Myology every day. We know it’s not a household term, or even a well known speech therapy service. So what is it? Who needs it? When should it be used?

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09 Apr 2015

BY: trini

Inspiration / Orofacial Myology

The Oral Motor Cookbook, Part 1

by Carolinda “Trini” Myers-Murphy

I am often approached by parents with questions for feeding low tone children. A low tone child is a child diagnosed by a doctor with low muscle tone and typically needs to work with an occupational therapist. This condition also afects the strength of a child’s articulator and muscles for eating as well. We typically see struggles with having enough muscle strength to support the smaller muscles for eating and speaking.

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