18 Jul 2016

BY: trini


Healthy Snacking Made Easy

by Misti Bushmire

“Mom…  I’m hungry!” If only I had a dime for every time I’ve heard these words…  I’m sure that you feel the same!  It didn’t help that it seemed that I heard this when I was also at low ebb and my creativity and energy were low.  My saving grace ended up being a list on the front of the fridge (or the inside of a cabinet door depending on where we lived at the time) that I could look at for ideas and planning ahead.

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14 Jun 2016

BY: trini


Happy Father’s Day! Let’s Hear It For Dad!

by Misti Bushmire

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” :: Jim Valvano

As we celebrate Father’s Day, we are reminded that being a father is a special privilege no matter how you arrive there.  Typically you and your spouse/partner find out you are expecting a child but sometimes you are blessed with stepchildren or you find yourself taking on a very special mentoring position.  Still other families are blessed with children who have special needs.

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01 Sep 2015

BY: DebraHartley

Education / Inspiration

Where Did Labor Day Come From?

by Debra Hartley

If you’ve been following the Speech Solutions Hawaii blog this year, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve focused on holidays a bit this year. Every month has a major holiday with the exception of August, but we’ve found that a lot of our kiddos don’t know the meaning or origin of these holidays. (And if we’re honest, some of us adults are a bit hazy on the details as well.) As far as our kids understand, it’s a day off from school, a chance to spend the day at Magic Island or Lanikai, BBQ day with friends, or, everyone’s favorite, stay up late and watch fireworks in Waikiki!

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15 Jul 2015

BY: trini


7 Helpful Tips for Going to Bed Earlier

by Yovana Miramontes-Risk

Recently, it’s been an issue for me to get to bed early or keep up with my sleep. I can only imagine how much more difficult it is for children. I did some research and found a few ways to help me, and hopefully your children, go to bed earlier and to sleep better.

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01 Jul 2015

BY: DebraHartley


Strategies to Learn About & Enjoy the Fourth of July with Your Kids

by Debra Hartley

If you’re like me, one of the first things that comes to mind when someone says “Fourth of July” is fireworks. They are iconic, right? The second thing that comes to mind, especially here in Hawaii, is something every holiday shares: food! We LOVE our food here and we love sharing it with friends and family at the beach.

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19 May 2015

BY: trini

Language / Orofacial Myology / Speech Therapy

Allergies: What’s the big idea anyway?!?

by Carolinda “Trini” Myers-Murphy, MS CCC-SLP;COM

Cough cough sniff sniff….. oh what a relief it is.

Ok, ok, wrong jingle for wrong ailment, but it was catchy none-the-less.

So, if you’re a therapist, teacher, or mom, like me – has anybody noticed the rise in allergies these days? I don’t know if I’m aging myself here, but I remember when allergies consisted of those rare days my dad would turn on the lawn mower, and 30 minutes later come sniffling (stumbling) in the house swearing he would never be able to cut the lawn again -> EVER!!

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13 May 2015

BY: DebraHartley

Inspiration / School

May & Memorial Day with the Kids

by Debra Hartley

The school year is coming to a close. This statement either strikes joy or terror into the heart of the reader. Joy if you are a kid and terror for mom – how to keep them occupied, happy & build memories this summer?

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06 May 2015

BY: trini

Orofacial Myology

5 Most Important Parts of a Child’s Diet

by Yovana Miramontes-Risk

Something that has always interested me is our body’s nutrition and diet. I have learned some interesting facts; for example: a child’s nutrition is based off the same principles as the nutrition of an adult. Every one of us needs the same types of nutrition (i.e. vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fat). The only difference is that children need a different amount of nutrients at different ages and depending on the size of their little bodies. With all the delicious local foods and amazing restaurants in Honolulu, it can be challenging to not only keep our own nutrition needs in mind, but also our kids’.

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01 Apr 2015

BY: trini

Inspiration / Speech Therapy

How to Celebrate a Sensory Easter Egg Hunt

by Debra Hartley

Is it just me, or does it seem as if every holiday becomes a reason for a full-blown sugar extravaganza? This year, we are thinking outside of the “egg” (pun intended) and bringing some creativity to your kids, instead of sugar. After all, they’re sweet enough! Some of these ideas are also great adventures for the siblings of our special needs kids. Let’s get the whole family involved! As speech therapists, you know we are always looking for ways to incorporate learning into fun outlets that our families can participate in together.

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08 May 2014

BY: trini

authors / Music Therapy / Speech Therapy

Sensory Processing Disorders in Children

By Lauren Koepke, MT-BC

Often times, children are trying to tell adults something through their behavior. It is my firm view that behavior is a form of communication and that what is perceived as “bad” behavior is really a sensory need not being met. A child who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), or some other overlapping disorders, can have difficulty expressing exactly those needs.

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