19 May 2014

BY: trini


Summer Cleaning

Summer is approaching, and for us here in Hawaii we feel it’s already here!  The sun is out, and it’s HOT! Nothing will beat a refreshing swim, splash around the pool, or out-back play with the hose. We have beach days, BBQ’s , family fun events, late nights playing. But on top of all this fun, life can get a little messy. Feeling frustrated with the toys all over the floor in the living room,  the kids room, oh and the bathroom play toys? The clothes from yesterdays beach day are still sprawled out all over. Did I just step on that leftover gummy snack I gave the kids this afternoon? Now that your regular schedule with school is coming to an end, this may look like a familiar dilemma and a headache!

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24 Apr 2014

BY: trini

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Who’s Teaching Whom?

Kids! Kids are wonderful little bursts of energy. They give us spirit and strength and fulfill our days with spontaneous, happy moments. There is no doubt that we would rather satisfy each moment with doing whatever it takes to keep our children happy. But how do we do this without giving in to the demands of attention?

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