09 Sep 2015

BY: trini


4 Activities to Increase your Child’s Core Strength

by Kelci Santiago

“Sit up straight, knees are 90 degrees, feet flat on the ground.”

I feel the above statement is my very own speech therapy mantra I continually use to remind the children I see here in Hawaii to check-in with their posture while sitting in therapy. More often than not, a child will come into therapy, sit down, and immediately slouch over, hunch his back, or use the table/chair to help hold himself up. Why does he do this? Well, why do you hunch? If you are sitting down and reading this are you on your sits bones, are your shoulders back and down with your chest slightly lifted? Can you feel your abdominal muscles working? You should feel your stomach expanding like a balloon as you inhale through your nose, and then returning to its normal position as you exhale.

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