Speech Therapy Is Like…

28 Dec 2013

BY: trini

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Parents whose kids are in speech therapy understand that it is not an overnight “take a pill” fix. It takes commitment, effort and endurance. We love this analogy from Rhiannan Walton, a speech and language therapist based in London. Think of your favorite hike here in Hawaii – whether it is the Aiea Loop Trail with the kids, or going to see the gorgeous views on the pillbox hike in Kailua or challenging yourself to go up all 1,048 steps of Koko Head. Now, as you read the article below, think through the steps of your child’s journey in the same way – yes, challenging on your way up, but with those glimpses along the way of the breathtaking view at the end.

The speech therapy process is like a long walkSpeech Therapy Is Like

by Rhiannon Walton | Therapy Ideas Blog

I spent last week hiking 50 miles along the Pembrokeshire coast path. It was beautiful, stinking hot and a trip I’ll remember for years. The hours of walking gave me time to think, and I realised a long distance walk is a good metaphor for the therapy process.

To read the rest of her analogy & be encouraged as you go through the therapy process, visit Rhiannan’s blog here.