Talk Tools


Talk Tools is a program that was developed by Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson, SLP. The implementation of this program is for children with significant oral motor weakness. Talk Tools is a user friendly line of “tools” in a hierarchical approach of oral placement therapy. These tools have been developed for improving the required skills for speech with regards to oral strength (jaw, lips, and tongue), refining of tongue placement required for articulation, and enhancing breath support for adequate respiration, phonation and resonation.

There are a variety of straws, tubes, bubbles, and horns that are available to improve lip closure, lip rounding, and tongue retraction. These issues of speech and feeding may be caused by a number of etiologies; such etiologies may include apraxia, autism, and Down’s Syndrome. The program uses fun, functional, and rewarding exercises to practice activating and controlling the oral motor centers. The tools and exercises are also recommended for home programs to ensure best results.

For Further reading on Oral Placement Disorders, please see this research article.

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