As speech pathologists, we become responsible for the evaluation and treatment of expressive/receptive spoken or written communication developmental disorders and/or delays. The needs of patients who have difficulty communicating effectively due to speech, language, voice, or oral-motor disorders are addressed. We also provide therapy to improve cognitive reorganization for functional activities of daily living.


An initial assessment is required for new clients and for returning clients every twelve months.

Previous test results will be taken into account when the individual therapy plans are created. The results of the assessments will be explained to you in detail. After answering any questions you might have, therapy sessions will be designed to meet his/her specific needs.


Treatment sessions are individualized to meet the needs of a particular client.

Many times, the causes for why a child has difficulty expressing and understanding the world around them is a multi-faceted problem.  Typically, a child may have difficulty with more than one aspect of communication, whether that means expressive/receptive language, auditory processing, attention, processing speed, apraxia, low muscle tone, tongue thrusting, etc.  Speech Solutions is here to help find a solution for your child, with a unique and individualized program plan based on his/her needs.   Please see our Guidelines for Speech/Language Referral to help you determine if your child is would benefit from seeing one of our specialists.

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