Screen Time and Raising Children

18 Jun 2014

BY: trini


by Rhona Ramos

Advances in technology help us communicate instantly and allows us to have access to unlimited resources. Everyone wants to get the “next big thing,” whether it is a smartphone, smart TV, or the latest app to aid in success and advancement. But with so many screens and ever-changing  technology it has been observed and noted that it affects children and how we raise them.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, “screen time,” is a term defined as activities done in front of a 2013-06-21 10.57.00screen, i.e. working on the computer, checking your social media status, and playing video games. It is suggested that increased screen time affects children’s mental and physical health. Visit the National Institutes of Health website for guidelines as to how much screen time is healthy for children / should be allowed.

Screen time also affects parents. Parents who tend to their emails and text messages at the dinner table or during play time are setting a bad example and create disconnection with their children. Children are ignored and get less affection.

Screens and technology are very useful. They have become a necessity to stay connected. However, it should not dictate how we parent our children.

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