Let’s talk social skills

05 May 2017

BY: trini

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Let’s talk about social skills!
Social skills are a huge part of language development!

But learning them does not always come easy, especially for our kiddos with Autism Spectrum Disorder. They tend to have a difficult time with social skills and it can be a task trying to incorporate them into their therapeutic routine.


We have found an awesome curriculum to help your kiddo start incorporating appropriate social behaviors, it’s called “Superflex, A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum”. This is a set of books that allows you to make learning social skills fun and exciting! The books center around a young superhero named Superflex. He is on a continuous mission to keep his towns people from being taken over by The Unthinkables. The Unthinkables are a team of bad guys that are trying to take over the minds of the towns people by making them act in socially inappropriate ways.

As you read along in the books you and your kiddo will be learning about different social skills and how to become a “Social- detective”. Becoming a “Social- detective” entails learning about “expected and unexpected behaviors” in social situations and being able to point out if a social behavior would give people “good thoughts” or “uncomfortable thoughts”.

Once you are a social detective you will have no problem defeating The Unthinkables and saving the towns people!


What makes this curriculum so enjoyable is the personification of social skills. The “socially inappropriate behaviors” now have a face and a character name. We have found that having characters for each behavior helps the kiddos to remember them! Not to mention, the fact that they are bad guys makes the kids never want to be like them!

Get as creative as you’d like with this curriculum! There are many different books you can buy to continue the story, applications you can download from the App Store to practice being a Social Detective, and games you can play to keep your kiddos motivated.

Happy learning 🙂