The Importance of Language Development in Early Childhood

03 Apr 2018

BY: speechsolution


In this months newsletter we talked about the importance of receptive and expressive language development.

Expressive Language

Expressive language is the use of words/gestures to convey meaning. It is important in development because it gives kiddos the tools to express their wants and needs. It also encourages interactions with peers and caregivers. In order to successfully communicate children need to be able to maintain attention to tasks, maintain eye contact, and participate in turn taking. Articulation and pragmatics are also parts of expressive language. Articulation focuses on the pronunciation of sounds and pragmatics on the social interaction.

Receptive Language

Receptive language is crucial for communication. It is the processing and comprehension of language. Children use receptive language when listening to verbal directions and perceiving visual information within the environment. Both receptive and expressive language are crucial for successful communication. 

If you notice that your child is having difficulty following directions or verbally expressing their wants and needs it may be time to speak with a Speech- Language Pathologist. 

How can a SLP help?

SLP’s can give you tools to implement at home in order to encourage early language development. Some simple ways to get started are making eye contact with your little one before giving them directions. To encourage expressive language you can try naming common objects or even withholding items they are interested in. This will encourage them to have to verbally request the items. 

For resources on developmental milestones for language visit

For more tips or questions concerning your kiddos language development feel free to contact us! 


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