Bring Literacy into Speech Therapy!

27 Feb 2017

BY: trini

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Want to bring Literacy into your speech and language activities?!?  One great way target articulation and language goals is by picking a favorite book. The options for targeting goals are endless. One of my personal favorites is Mrs. McNosh hangs up her wash. If you aren’t familiar with this one, it’s a very cute and silly story about a woman who hangs up EVERYTHING; starting with her clothes, to her newspaper,  and even her dog! This read is great for targeting the /s/ and /sh/ sounds, sequencing events, and even talking about the main character in a story.


Put a Post It Arrow on all the words with the sound you are targeting. Throughout your read have your kiddo pause on each arrow and say the target words. Remember to help facilitate correct articulation of the sounds you are targeting by giving visual and verbal cues.


There is a specific order that Miss McNosh hangs up her items. You can get really creative and print out a picture of everything she hangs up. Then have your kiddo sequence them for you while glueing the pictures to a poster board. If you don’t want to get too crafty, its just as fun listing them in order while doing a writing activity. Remember to tell your kiddo when to use words like first. next, then, and finally!

Main character 

Mrs. McNosh is very silly! Make a list of questions related to her and see if your kiddo can answer them and tell you all about Mrs. McNosh. Remember to look for physical descriptions and identifying personality traits!

For more ideas related to Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash or any other book don’t hesitate to ask!

Happy reading!