08 May 2014

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Sensory Processing Disorders in Children

By Lauren Koepke, MT-BC

Often times, children are trying to tell adults something through their behavior. It is my firm view that behavior is a form of communication and that what is perceived as “bad” behavior is really a sensory need not being met. A child who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), or some other overlapping disorders, can have difficulty expressing exactly those needs.

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24 Apr 2014

BY: trini

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Who’s Teaching Whom?

Kids! Kids are wonderful little bursts of energy. They give us spirit and strength and fulfill our days with spontaneous, happy moments. There is no doubt that we would rather satisfy each moment with doing whatever it takes to keep our children happy. But how do we do this without giving in to the demands of attention?

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28 Dec 2013

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Dream Big!

Our wish for you in 2014…

From Nido Qubein | “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”

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28 Dec 2013

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Speech Therapy Is Like…

Parents whose kids are in speech therapy understand that it is not an overnight “take a pill” fix. It takes commitment, effort and endurance. We love this analogy from Rhiannan Walton, a speech and language therapist based in London. Think of your favorite hike here in Hawaii – whether it is the Aiea Loop Trail with the kids, or going to see the gorgeous views on the pillbox hike in Kailua or challenging yourself to go up all 1,048 steps of Koko Head. Now, as you read the article below, think through the steps of your child’s journey in the same way – yes, challenging on your way up, but with those glimpses along the way of the breathtaking view at the end.

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28 Dec 2013

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Social Thinking

Our students & parents hear us frequently talk about the importance of social thinking, social groups, and social skills. This article from the Social Thinking blog is a great explanation of why we see this as critical to the growth of our students. Speech therapy is not just about our students talking, it is about seeing them have rich, full lives in every respect.

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