11 Jul 2017

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The benefits of baby signs
If you’ve had a chance to read our July newsletter, we talked about the benefits of teaching your baby “baby signs”!
What are “baby signs”?
Baby signs are simple sign language gestures that your baby can use when expressing their needs and wants.

Common starter signs: Read More “The benefits of baby signs”

06 Jun 2017

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5 tips for eliciting the /s/ sound


Is your kiddo having a difficult time making the /s/ sound?
Here’s some tricks on how to elicit the sound correctly:
First: Place a tongue depressor on the alveolar ridge (the bumpy spot behind your teeth) so that your kiddo can become familiar with where their tongue needs to be.
Second: Have them make the /t/ sound. The /s/ and the /t/ are made by placing the tongue in the exact same place!

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05 May 2017

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Let’s talk social skills

Let’s talk about social skills!
Social skills are a huge part of language development!

But learning them does not always come easy, especially for our kiddos with Autism Spectrum Disorder. They tend to have a difficult time with social skills and it can be a task trying to incorporate them into their therapeutic routine. Read More “Let’s talk social skills”

15 Apr 2017

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3 tips for eliciting the /r/ sound

Aloha from everyone here at Speech Solutions Hawaii!

We know the /r/ sound is any SLP’s dreaded goal in therapy!  It’s hard to elicit and not to mention it isn’t a visual sound. But we are here to tell you that targeting the /r/ does not have to be a headache and can actually be very fun to teach! Read More “3 tips for eliciting the /r/ sound”

21 Mar 2017

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App Review of “My PlayHome”

My PlayHome

As much as we try to avoid using iPad’s in therapy it is inevitable in this day in age. We have done some research to find the best apps to use for speech development. Here is one of our favorites! Read More “App Review of “My PlayHome””

27 Feb 2017

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Bring Literacy into Speech Therapy!

Want to bring Literacy into your speech and language activities?!?  One great way target articulation and language goals is by picking a favorite book. The options for targeting goals are endless. One of my personal favorites is Mrs. McNosh hangs up her wash. If you aren’t familiar with this one, it’s a very cute and silly story about a woman who hangs up EVERYTHING; starting with her clothes, to her newspaper,  and even her dog! This read is great for targeting the /s/ and /sh/ sounds, sequencing events, and even talking about the main character in a story.

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28 Oct 2016

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What You Need to Know About an Au Pair

by Misti Bushmire

au pair :: noun \ˈō-ˈper\

If you’ve ever read early 20th century literature or any Agatha Christie mysteries I’m sure you remember how many families had an au pair as part of their family – but never as the criminal!  It’s not a concept that is well known in the United States but au pairs were very common in Europe from the late 1800’s and still are.  The word means “on par” or “equal to” in French. The intention was a reciprocal, caring relationship, the au pair being part of the family, not a servant.  Typically an au pair is a young woman aged 18-26 (sometimes a young man but we will say young woman simply for ease of discussion) from another country. They provide childcare and light housekeeping in return for room and board and a weekly stipend.

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25 Sep 2016

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Crafty Time / Inspiration

How To Build A Craft Kit

by Misti Bushmire

Encouraging creativity in our kids is as simple as getting them involved in a craft! Not only does this fuel their imagination, but doing crafts and incorporate speech goals, sensory play and fine motor skills.

But for the “adult” it can feel overwhelming when you see that amazing idea on Pinterest and then the thought gathering a whole bunch of supplies from all over the house dampens the crafty impulse. Let’s make it simple with a kit! What do you need in your craft arsenal?  I’m going to answer that right now!  Let’s start with some tips and move to an actual list of what to buy/save/scrounge.

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15 Sep 2016

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Crafty Time / Inspiration

Reasons To Do Crafts With Kids

by Misti Bushmire

Have you ever wanted to do crafts with your kids, to help them learn to explore their creativity?  Have you ever wondered where on Earth to start?!  Some people grew up in a home where making things was as common as breathing and some did not.  The great news is that it is never too late to start!

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15 Aug 2016

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4 Ways to Keep Motivating Your Child With Speech Therapy Homework

Motivating Your Kiddo’s With Their Homework – by Esther Jang

I walked into the office this morning to see Erica having a fun speech session with a little girl. It looked like she had a long blue toothbrush in her mouth and I was a little curious to know if it was. The little girl looked at me with wide eyes, wondering who I was as I unintentionally took a few minutes of attention away from her.

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