5 tips for eliciting the /s/ sound

06 Jun 2017

BY: trini

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Is your kiddo having a difficult time making the /s/ sound?
Here’s some tricks on how to elicit the sound correctly:
First: Place a tongue depressor on the alveolar ridge (the bumpy spot behind your teeth) so that your kiddo can become familiar with where their tongue needs to be.
Second: Have them make the /t/ sound. The /s/ and the /t/ are made by placing the tongue in the exact same place!

Try this: “t-t-t-ssssss”

Third: Work on pushing the air through the center of mouth. Practicing blowing air through a straw can help elicit this. The trick is to not let the air escape from the sides of the mouth. Hold the straw on the center of their bottom lip. Have them make the /s/ sound and if they are making it correctly you will hear the air come through the straw.


Fourth: Use a lot of verbal and visual cues. Mirrors are every helpful. And don’t forget the praise! Praise them even when the sound was only approximated. Effort counts and will keep them motivated to keep trying.

Fifth: Make it fun! I like to refer to the /s/ sound as the snake sound. Practice being snakes! Hold a smile but remember your tongue does not touch your teeth!


Happy practicing!

If you have any questions or need more tips please contact us!