25 Jun 2015

BY: trini


Should School Begin at a Later Age?

by Yovana Miramontes-Risk

It has become a big controversy that children start school too early in their lives. According to a study done by researcher David Whitebread at Cambridge University, it is very important to give children more time to develop before they begin attending school. Also, a huge influence comes from children attending play-based pre-schools.

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18 Jun 2015

BY: trini

Education / Speech Therapy

5 Strategies to Create a Communicative Listening Environment for Your Child/Student

by Erika Ordonez

Listening is a valuable communication skill worth teaching to our children/students. It teaches them to multi-task and allows them to tune-in/out on what they want to hear. They tend to disregard adults, especially during disciplinary conversations (I’m sure we can recall from our own childhood). For example, we tell them to clean their room and instead they go outside and play.

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11 Jun 2015

BY: DebraHartley

Education / Inspiration

How to Calm the Chaos of Summer

by Debra Hartley

It’s here…summer. Kids are ecstatic, parents are panicked. How do you keep them occupied without either going broke or breaking down? And what on earth do you do when you’ve run out of ideas for activities?

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05 Jun 2015

BY: trini

Education / Inspiration

Playtime! But why? I’m so exhausted!!!!

by Carolinda “Trini” Myers-Murphy, MS CCC-SLP, COM

We all have fond childhood memories of playing. Playing through the recent years however has changed. For example, have you been to a child’s birthday party recently? Where once upon a yester-year we had “pin-tail-on-donkey”, “bobbing for apples”, and piñata wars; they’ve been replaced by kids comparing apps and challenging each other to a multitude of video games. Socialization looks like social media to some.  And then we have to rush to the next soccer practice, or adult driven get together.

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