The benefits of baby signs

11 Jul 2017

BY: trini


If you’ve had a chance to read our July newsletter, we talked about the benefits of teaching your baby “baby signs”!
What are “baby signs”?
Baby signs are simple sign language gestures that your baby can use when expressing their needs and wants.

Common starter signs:




baby-552610_1280Using baby signs has been shown to improve cognitive ability and help with problem- solving skills during development. Sign language is learning a second language and there are many developmental benefits to learning a second language.

These signs allow children to communicate before they are able to express themselves with words. Understanding sign language also helps with developing an understanding for body language, which is a key milestone in language development. When children are able to communicate their wants and needs they are less likely to have a tantrum and get upset when trying to communicate.

Finger spelling, also known as performing the alphabet in signs has also been shown to help improve children’s spelling skills.
If you would like to start implementing “baby signs” in your child’s development here are some great resources:

Baby Signs: A baby sized introduction to speaking with sign language

Let us know how if you have any further questions or how we can help!

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